Ash Flat Veterans Memorial

Our Gratitude Extends To All Who Attended

The rain and drizzle did not prevent a wonderful turnout for the dedication.  A special thanks to Congressman Marion Berry, Senator Paul Miller and Douglas Todd.  We also thank Fred Land and the Village Four and  Kenneth Davis for the entertainment

Flag Crowd arriving in the rain

Flag Ash Flat Mayor Brian Nix Hall welcomes
Congressman Marion Berry

Leonard Holden Leonard Holden seeing his dream and concept become a reality

Flag Raising Old Glory

Flag Kenneth Davis sings
"A Star Spangled Banner Waves Somewhere"

Flag Unveiling the World Map Donated by
Randy and Michelle McComas and Renee and Nathan Circle

Flag Unveiling the KIA Wreath Donated by
Brien Hall, Dr. Julia Garner and Lillie Garner-Hall

Flag Unveiling of the Purple Heart Memorial Donated by
Ron and Brenda Rhodes and Eben and Jane Dagget

Flag Unveiling the Male Soldier Donated by
Renee Clay-Circle

FlagUnveiling the Female Soldier Donated by
Raechel Marks Weisman

Flag Unveiling the War Dog Statuer Donated by
Raechel Marks Weisman

Flag Unveiling the Fountain Donated by
the employees of Ash Flat WalMart Supercenter #160

Flag Unveiling of the Oblisk Donated by
Fred and Janet Lamb

FlagUnveiling the Civil War Canon Seeking Sponsors.
Contact any Committee member for more information.

Flag Finding a brick